A young & gorgeous Vin.

The Fast and The Furious Deleted Scene - How’s Your Mother? (2001) 

"What’s on your mind speed racer?" OMFG. Flirt alert.

This must have just been released or something…wow….I’m emotional.

You know what would be so. fucking. hot. and needs to happen? Dominic Toretto and Carter Verone. LIKE HOLY FUCK. Mind blown.

Someone needs to get on that. (I’m looking at you fanfic and fanart people)

I think we need to start a Dom/Brian fanfiction drinking game. Take a shot every time:

Disclaimer: I fucking love the stuff on this list (okay maybe not the 4th or 7th ones)


In the Fast and the Furious, Toretto tells O’Conner that his dad burned to death after crashing his car… Walker crashed his car and also burned..

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“Paul was a great friend, father, son,” says Omar. “He was, is, and will always be an overall amazing human being.”

Omar says life on set with Walker was always fun. And he claims he wouldn’t have finished his role in the series if it wasn’t for the actor’s ­intervention.

“I remember once I was about to quit the movie,” admits Omar, who, as a singer, was finding the transition to acting difficult. “It was Paul who told me to continue. I won’t forget that. He looked at me and said: ‘Don, the real things in life are those that we work for. We work for the family and we work to create a memorable name for ourselves. Keep up the good work.’ He was such a gentleman.”

—Don Omar [Rico Santos in Fast 4 and 5] remembers costar and friend Paul Walker in his interview with The National UAE (via strikerhercules)


Paul Walker


Made the decal for my car to remember Paul Walker.


Little Paul ♡